Kathai thiraikathai vasanam iyakkam preview

Staring : Santhosh Prathap, Akhila Kishore, Lallu Prasath, Thambi Ramaiah,

Director : R Parthiepan

Music : C Sathya

Production : K Chandramohan

Though Parthiban is commonly known as an actor with great wit, his face behind the camera is not known to many. The main reason for this might be that he has not been a bankable director in the past, and while some of his films have raised eyebrows, the others fallen without a trace. A day later, Parthiban returns with his directorial titled 'Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam' aka KTVI on social media. Releasing alongside the huge Anjaan, this is his best chance at a sleeper hit.

In our preview of the film, we would like to spill the beans on how KTVI came into being, and what one can expect from this film.

In a recent press interaction, the director explained the current situation in Tamil Cinema where a lot of new youngsters are coming up with unique scripts which click with the audience. The director lauded the audience for thinking from different perspectives, and urging the film makers to come out with films which tread a different path.

Parthiban exclaimed that the producer of the film was very supportive, and found the idea 'A film without a story' very challenging. He also said that though the producer has seen the trailer and the songs, he doesn't know the story of the film until the very moment.

The industry birdies who have seen the film have appreciated it big time, saying that it is an interesting film. He also added that the story (oh yes, there is no story), correction : screenplay needed some stars who had to be differentiated from the main starcast who are newcomers. Parthiban clarified that he has not publicized this film with the names of the artists who have made their guest appearances.

More than the plethora of cameos in the film, Parthiban says that KTVI has a different notion. When life has no story and is just a series of interesting events, why do we look for a story in a film, he questions. His question seems right, for he has the answer and more in the film which hits the screens on the 15th of August. 


Verdict : 35 %