Pisaasu movie preview

Staring : Naga, Prayaga Martin, Harish Uthaman

Director : Mysskin

Music : Arrol Corelli

Production : Bala

Mysskin's last outing with Onaayum Aattukuttiyum was well received by the critics and had a good run at the Box office. After OA, Mysskin is back with what he knows best, a horror thriller. Pisaasu would be a gritty, dark, moody story that's filled with uncertainties and unpleasant surprises. Mysskin is known for his gripping and uncompromising storytelling sans commercial elements like songs, comedy and fights, unless its really necessary for the script. His films would be more focused on performances and human emotions, which is quite a rarity in current age cinema.

The teaser that got released a few weeks back sky rocketed the expectations on the film. The story was difficult to guess, but it looks like a horror thriller with shades of Psychotic elements. There is only one song, that was also released a few days back, which was soul stirring. So the music is expected to be a strong pivotal point in Pisaasu, around which other aspects revolve.

For thrillers to work well, everything in the technical department has to be in total sync. The cinematography, Music and editing has to be top notch. The film's run time is a little less than 120 minutes, so editing scores here. It will be interesting to check out the music by Arrol Corelli, who is making his dream debut. Cinematography is by Ravi Roy and editing is handled by Gopinath, some unfamiliar names, who will definitely get the limelight after Pisaasu.

The series of posters that released were filled with a lot of questions and keeps the viewers guessing about the film's story. Mysskin is an intelligent story teller and he makes sure the film leaves a lasting impact on the audience. Expecting Pisaasu to be his best film, yet. Watch Pisaasu for Mysskin's style of narrating a story, which would break quite a few screenplay cliche's.


Verdict : 45 %