Appa movie review

Staring : Samuthirakani, Thambi Ramaiah

Director : Samuthirakani

Music : Ilaiyaraaja

Production : Samuthirakani

Certain filmmakers feel the aesthetic satisfactions through making such socio-oriented films and Samuthirakani as an actor or filmmaker always shown up his desire to carry them as intriguing aspects. His role in ‘Sattai’ was one such illustration and now this one ‘Appa’, which comes from his store of production, direction and as well playing the lead role looks like its extended version. The film revolves around the tale of four fathers, who have different expectations from their kids. One of them (Samuthirakani) is a caring and pampering dad, who doesn’t force his son to be like others, but instead discovers his inner potential and motivates him on the path to achieve it. Then there is another one (Thambi Ramaiah), who keeps pressuring his son to become State Rank holder. Namo Narayanan plays the role of unique dad, who doesn’t want his son to be so active anywhere and finally, Dindukal Alex who has his motto that parents’ duty is to provide education to their children, but it’s up to them for achieve on their standards.


There is something that connects more audiences closely with the film ‘Appa’.  There are certain instances or the characterization of four fathers whom we see here. Some of them could be there in our very own homes and the pressures that kids too under sometimes with their conditioned insistence could be very well seen here. Samuthirakani is someone, who could easily carry off such roles with an ease. He takes an easy sleepwalk through this characterization. There are few instances, where we find him proficiently perfect. The sequences, where he goes patient with his wife’s decision or the moment, where he is on the search of his son has emotional significance. Thambi Ramaiah as usual overacts in many portions and he has to underplay his tone and act in few places.


‘Kaaka Muttai’ fame Vignesh essaying the role of Samuthirakani’s son scores brownie points. The other kids in the movie including Raghav as Thambi Ramaiah’s son, Nasath and Gabirella have done a decent job in their roles. What grabs our attention with emotional context is that the young lad who keeps as amused with his hilarious tracks and later gets into an emotional conclusion with his poetry recital by the end is heart-warming. Yuvashree too does a commendable act in her episodes. Although, there are certain plus aspects, what turns out to be on the flip side is the fallible quotients of weak screenplay that doesn’t get it go well. Audiences have been already feeling preachy movies are outdated and they are in no mindset to experience it for the couple of hours.



Verdict : A film with good message, but with tenuous writing