Chennai 60028 second innings movie review

Staring : Shiva, Premji, Jai, Vijayalakshmi

Director : Venkat Prabhu

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Production : Venkat Prabhu

Sometimes, sequels aren’t meant only for the revenge seeking entities and avengers, who are always on the mission to save something. Sometimes, you’re even fascinated to join the fun-filled franchise of Adam Sandler’s Grownups too. Much similarly, Venkat Prabhu’s Chennai 600028 that created a smile at the least and inevitable laughter to the maximum in 2007 is now back with the sequel titled ‘Chennai 600028 Second Innings’.
One word! Just come to theatres with your gang, bunch of friends or even your family, which you will surely get the blast of celebrations. If you’re actually getting on for comparisons with the first part, we would suggest it’s a pretty wrong idea, where you cannot find any points to compare up. They were BOYS in 2007 and now they are MEN, they are married with kids to look after. Apparently, they don’t find much time to catch up and the maximum, only the pub times, which are mostly occupied with phone calls from their wives. Finally, they have their pleasure time for reunion all because of the marriage of close buddy Raghu (Jai). But then on reaching Theni, the beautiful land for scenic visuals and serenity, their egos are tested when the need to play up series of cricket matches occur.
Very rarely does a movie hit the screens that go beyond reviews, especially when it comes with a star-cast that aren’t on the A-league. All credit goes to Venkat Prabhu for offering a wholesome entertainer that neatly travels across the zone that he actually wanted to place. Fun, Emotions and Cute Love have always been the heart and soul of Chennai 600028 Second Innings.  Over here, the same ingredients are very well prepared up with the recipe.
When we mention the word ‘RARITY’, it all becomes so much adherent with the star-cast and performances. Usually while analyzing, we are bounded to bring out some names based on the level of performance. Be it Mirchi Shiva, Nitin Sathya or even the miniscule characters like Ilavarasu and the politician who asks ‘Bowling or Fielding’ coming back for yet another hilarious cameo is top of the fun game. Yes, there are some emotional quotients too, which gets the best on its deal.
Overall, ‘Chennai 600028’ offers wholesome entertainment and you’ll walk out with smile from the theatres.

Verdict : Buy your tickets, cool drinks and snacks, forget your genius quotients and itís a party time for next two hours.