Devi movie review

Staring : Prabhudeva Tammanah

Director : Vijay

Music : Sajid

Production : Prabhudeva

With the festival season prolonging, the theatres are flooded up with more releases and to everyone’s surprise Devi (L) starring Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah is turning to be a slow and surprise winner. This was indeed a last one in the league of wish list and it becomes an impressive show.
A young man (Prabhu Deva) with lots of dreams and desires wants to marry a beautiful and hi-fi girl, but in contrast is forced by situations to enter wedlock with a village belle (Tamannaah). On his way back to Mumbai, he feels so much disgraceful to introduce her as his wife to friends and circle. Eventually, he tries to get rid of her and waits for the right occasion. On an unexpected turn, when the couple of invited for a party, the man is surprised to see his wife turn glamorous with modern outfits and sizzle up the dance floors.  In fact, she becomes the hot topic of town and is signed by a famous actor (Sonu Sood) to play the heroine his movie. Now it’s puzzling for the man to see what has really happened mysteriously here.
What attracts more towards Devi(L) is that it might regarded as a horror-comedy for namesake, but the makers have ensured  that it is not going to follow any of the erstwhile flicks formulae. It holds a simple plot with engaging screenplay that instantly engrosses family audiences. Moreover, it’s the magical dance of Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah that brings up more attraction. It’s not just the dance, but the emotional quotients between Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah has been very well pictured. Although RJ Balaji appears in miniscule prominence, he gets to offer some hilarious moments in the film with his episodes. Technically, the cinematography by Nirav Shah brings up more on the visual treat and not to miss the musical score as well. However, except ‘Chalmaar’ none of the other songs happen to impress us for they have a non-Tamil flavour.
Overall, Devi(L) has elements that would instantly grab the attention of family audiences and it’s surely a decorous time-pass movie.

Verdict : Just sit back and get yourselves engrossed for next couple of hours