Dhillukku dhuddu movie review

Staring : Santhanam, Shanaya

Director : Rambala

Music : Thaman

Production : Ramasamy

Santhanam was involved in couple of movies that made slightest deviation from usual cinema – Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham and his second outing ‘Inimey Ippadithaan’ had a very common tale of men with some hilarious touch on marriage. In ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu’ that actor suddenly decided to compete with few more young and upcoming heroes by showing up with mass avatar. Yes, his changeover is so appreciable and it all looks like a new Santhanam has been born.


Special kudos to the ones responsible for his new looks and costumes as well. But what would you do if the entire first half is a portfolio of Santhanam to see his dance, fighting and romantic appeals. For the first 40 minutes, in every shot we tend to see Santhanam with slow-motioned introduction sequences. It’s all before the intermission, you actually see Santhanam getting into the skin of characterization.


Well, the actual tale seems to take off only that point and till then you’ve to sit back try laughing out for some flimsy episodes and get prepared that there is something more on laughter and spine-chilling moments by second hour. But what happens eventually is a mere disappointment as director Ram Bala seems to be more bounded towards ‘Lollu Sabha’ format of managing to keep us engrossed only for 20-25 minutes. Of course, if you’re given an editing tool to pick up the best moments in this film, it wouldn’t exceed more than the cited time.


When it comes to casting, the choice and selection of actors stands out to be a perfect highlight. Especially, Shaurabh Shuklha spells an impeccable performance adding up humour and what could have been better is Naan Kadavul Rajendran. We often see him in every Friday release, especially horror-comedies, where he is utilized for uttering punch dialogues in reference to hit movies. Shananya has nothing to be blamed upon her looks. She is cute, but then her role is confined to usual paradigms of what see as appear and disappear gals in a commercial entertainer.


If director Ram Bala had tried to fine tune the first half with gripping moments, at least some comedy tracks in consistent manner, the film could have been better. Even then, the basic plot itself is not substantial. The prologue of what we see in powerful presentation revealing about the ghostly possession of the bungalow, but then there is no impact by the end.



Verdict : Runs on a flimsy note with dearth of humour and horror