Eeti movie review

Staring : Atharva, Sridivya, KumkiAshwin

Director : Raviarasu

Music : GV Prakash

Production : Global Infotech

Atharvaa Murali has been striding with more impactful effort in all his movies and his critically acclaimed ‘Paradesi’ engraved more pressure on him. Perhaps, his other two releases that came erstwhile – Irumbu Kuthirai and Chandi Veeran were considered to be mediocre ones. In all likelihood, more than usual strengths and getting beyond his limits, Atharvaa has seemingly strained a lot for this film. Of course, developing six packs in an ethical manner and implementing some best performance to keep him upgraded to the next level seems to be the top most priority of Atharvaa in this film 

Pugazh (Atharvaa), an aspiring athlete with good track record from Tanjore is on the dreams of honour for his country. His father (Jayaprakash) and mentor (Aadukalam Narain) unceasingly keep him motivated. Through a connection of wrong phone call, he gets acquainted with a beautiful girl (Sri Divya) in Chennai. Over there, a terrible counterfeit Kingpin (RNR Manohar) has some issues with the brother (Soundarajan) of Sri Divya, which leads to unexpected upheavals linking Pugazh on the paths of his dreams getting almost devastated. 

Getting on with the performance, Atharvaa Murali has rigidly performed the best justice to his role. Be his physique of six pack and his emoting abilities in few situations, they are worthy of decorous appreciations. Sri Divya has improved her looks with good changeover and it could be better if she can pull up more efforts upon performance as well. We don’t mean to say that she is a mediocre performance, but she has ability to offer more. RNR Manohar takes a sleepwalk through his role as baddie. Selva as police officer tries to make the best of his scope. Aadukalam Narain gets a meaty role after a long time and Jayaprakash is convincing as usual. 

Background score by GV Prakash is tremendous in places, especially during the climax portions. The cinematography has been cranked groovy, but it would have been nice if the slow motion shots were reduced. 

The screenplay lacks momentum in few places and if the director had focalised on this aspect, the film would have been more impactful. 

On the whole, Eeti looks engrossing parts and can be watched if you’re main motto is to grab a passable entertainer.




Verdict : A complete show by Atharvaa