Goli soda movie review

Staring : Kishore, Sriram, Pandi, Murugesh, Seetha, Chandini, Imman, Sujatha, Vijay Murugan

Director : Vijay Milton

Music : S. N. Arunagiri,A Seelin (BGM)

Production : Thirupathi brothers

Tamil Cinema is known for producing unexpected and memorable cult classics. Goli Soda is easily one movie which is completely new to Tamil cinema.

Goli Soda basks on a group of adolescent boys residing in the Koyambedu market. The obstacles they face and the way they wind themselves out of the problems is what the movie is all about.

For audience who are expecting a feel good simple film like Pasanga, think otherwise cause Goli Soda is a completely different and unique experience. The way Vijay Milton sketched the characters of the adolescent  boys are terrific and their screen presence provides the feel just like seeing Ajith, Vijay or any other powerful mass heroes on screen.

Every character in the movie is very unique and novel, especially Sujatha of Paruthiveeran fame who has done a fabulous job in the Aachi role and the lead villain is another great find who has given a very powerful performance.

Goli Soda's biggest assets are Pandiraj's dialogues which evokes good laughter, provokes strong message and Vijay Milton's camera simply give the glossy feel to the film. The way Vijay Milton used the cinematography never gives a feeling of seeing a low budget movie and the brilliance is very much evident in the market fight sequence where the stunt choreography, slow motion shots and slick editing gives us an epic experience.

The fight scenes are gory with lots of blood shed which might not be suitable for family audience but script wise those kind of scenes are very much needed for portraying the raw feel.

Goli Soda is definitely technically slick with well placed situation songs, adequate BGM, stylish grand cinematography, and fine cuts.

Overall if you prefer to watch a gutsy film which is different and unique from the routine Tamil cinema, go and watch Goli Soda which surely deserves a repeated viewing.

- Siddarth Srinivas

Verdict : Honest and Gutsy attempt, just go for it !