Jackson durai movie review

Staring : Sathyaraj, SibiSathyaraj, Bindhumadhavi

Director : Dharani Dharan

Music : Siddharth Vipin

Production : M. S. Sharavanan

There are times, where you might feel more irked by the posters of horror movies as you seen around dozen of this league hitting screens in a month. But by  certain intuitions, we could feel ‘Jackson Durai’ could make a difference. The first look teaser, posters and trailer had indeed kept us with some confidence. So what happens when you walk into the theatres to watch this feature length directed by Dharani Dharan of ‘Burma’ fame?


Instantly, the first half gets you occupied with lots of fun-filled moments laced with certain spine chilling elements too. But then as the story takes into the mode of unveiling the mystery of buried past and reason behind the paranormal activities, which spoil the game. To mark it simple, Dharani Dharan seems to have dragged the second half with so much length that you’re tested with patience. He fails to play the game of second half premise in a much better manner. In a review, comparisons shouldn’t be made, but again to make it clearer for you, we bring you – Hello Naan Pei Pesuren, where the protagonist is stuck in haunted backdrop and then we have couple of characters joining him. Similarly, when Sibiraj and Karunakaran are having their paranormal experience, it would have been nice if Yogi Kumar and Shanmugha Sundar or Bindu Madhavi are brought into the game. But to see the same characters inside the same haunted house over and again becomes too bored.


Sibiraj has improvised with his performance much better than his erstwhile movies. But there is something that lacks out here. We have seen both Sathyaraj and son Sibiraj together in many movies, where their combination sparkles up as a major highlight, but here it goes missing. We see Sathyaraj in two-dimensional avatar as horripilating ghost and immediately the funny one fails to hold our attention. It fails to link the most appalling past and what we see in the tale. But technically, we get to see a much highly proficient work by technicians like National award winning Vivek Harshan. We would love to give top preference to Sound designers and art department followed by make up artists.


Overall, Jackson Durai is definitely a different attempt when it comes to concept and crafting of plot, but it fails to hold the audiences engrossed, especially throughout the second half.

Verdict : Enjoyable first half followed by fallible second hour