Joker movie review

Staring : Guru Somasundaram, Ramya Pandian

Director : Raju Murugan

Music : Sean Roldan

Production : S. R. Prabhu

Filmmaker Raju Murugan, an erstwhile writer had carved a nice for some of his wonderful capturing of realistic issues in his writings. His maiden debut ‘Cuckoo’ turned to be a critically acclaimed hit and was highly appreciated for a stupendous content. Now his second outing titled ‘Joker’ has been hitting the radar for some good reasons and let us see how far he has accomplished his visualized dreams on the screens.
The film unfolds the life of Mannar Mannan (Guru Somasundaram), who walks into every possible Government office, Police Station, Court, Collector office with some funny sort of protest that instantly becomes popularity. As the town men and everyone around there are so much puzzled up about his unusual behaviour, the flashback reveals about his past story and what had actually turned him up to be such an alien in the society.
Firstly, what becomes the major scoring point in ‘Joker’ are the powerful dialogues that are so much relevant to the contemporary issues. We have been crossing across the lanes of our cities and towns seeing many such groups and individuals involved in the protest. We would have never wondered what’s this all about. This film is one such deep look into what they are actually going through. But the film turns out to be too preachy in many parts and it almost looks like a docu-drama. Much importantly the first 20 minutes of this film almost looks like a documentary oriented film and sooner with the flashback, the sequences get more engrossing and dialogues offer a greater support for the film in all aspects.
When it comes to performances, Guru Somasundaram offers a ravishing performance living completely inside the skin of characterization. Be his mannerisms or dialogue deliveries, he has done with more appealing impact. Gayathri Krishna has done a remarkable performance. Others in the cast have justified their characterizations with more and more reliable performance.
When it comes to technical department, Chezhian stands out to be the most stunning pick in getting the visuals more stunning. Sean Roldan has done made it more appealing with his songs and background score could have been better in places.
On the whole, Joker stands out to be a meaningful that makes you laugh out loud in places and then walk back home thinking about the message it has conveyed deeply.

Verdict : Meaningful film with hard-hitting theme