Kaashmora movie review

Staring : Karthi, Nayanthara, Sridivya

Director : Gokul

Music : Santhosh Naarayanan

Production : SR Prabhu

Experiments and challenges have always been an intriguing part of Karthi’s career graph, where he just doesn’t want to go through the routine roles and scripts. We definitely have to give tons of appreciations of Karthi’s involvement in the project, where he has strained more enthusiastically in dual roles, particularly with the negative role. But then, the question that rises by end of show – Why Karthi strain so much for a script that actually lacks a substantial narration nor holds a strong plot?
The film revolves around a fraudulent group of Kaashmora (Karthi), his father (Vivek), mother, sister and grandma, who are cheating people out there with superstitious beliefs upon ghosts and paranormal presence. But then, situation forces them into a desolated palace, where the presence of real ghosts are found and one among them is a deadly warrior, whose soul has never rested in peace for centuries (again played by Karthi). Then a girl somewhere on the planet keeps prophetic rendering some predictions of good and evil settling scores after 7 rebirths.  So what brings them all together forms crux of the story….
When you read this plot in such crispness, you would definitely feel the impact and grip, but how about watching it in visuals with a flimsy writing for nearly 2hrs 20mins.  The complete first half lacks a proper narration, where it tests your patience with not-so humorous episodes that are done to make you laugh.
If you’re really looking up for the best sequences.
1.    15 minutes prior to Interval.

2.    The trick of Kaashmora to chisel the evil warrior spirit.

3.    The flashback sequence of fight between Karthi and Nayantara.

The biggest minus of this film is Santhosh Narayanan, who has just crapped up the entire musical bandwagon with jarring sound and noise. Cinematography by Om Prakash is at the best and the CG experts have exerted their best into the works, which act as the greatest highlight.
We need to appreciate producers for believing in this project, but then they should have clearly been cognizant over the screenplay and narration too.
The film in spite of having many pluses fails to package the whole with good impact. You tend to turn restless by halfway gasping for the final credits.

Verdict : A well conceived plot ruined by weak narration and deplorable music