Kabali movie review

Staring : Rajinikanth, Radhikaapte

Director : Ranjith

Music : Santhosh Naarayanan

Production : Kalaipuli S Dhanu

We still remember the moment! Almost 18 months back in time, over a night, we had the buzzes flashing up about Superstar Rajinikanth teaming up with a much unexpected team of director Ranjith and almost everyone from the ‘Madras’ team. The expectations have remained to be the same over the months and with Kalaipuli S Thanu hyping up the project to a much greater intensity. Well, with the bigger day arriving in much heralded status, where the celebrations are beyond the mammoth paradigms from skies to the gold coins and chocolates,  we bring you the exclusive analysis of Kabali on Cinema Lead.


The story of Kabali opens with the protagonist (Rajinikanth) getting released from his 25 years of imprisonment in Malaysian jail. He is back to settle scores with the bunch of roughnecks and miscreants who have been ruining the peaceful lives of innocents through dealings of narcotic drugs. They have been responsible for his imprisonment too, which would be revealed by the flashback. But during his task of bumping off the notorious thugs, he comes to know about his alienated family and gets to unite with them, but things take a turn sooner, where his life is gambled with emotions, trust, betrayals and how he manages to stand out as the undisputed king forms crux of the story.


Depicting Rajinikanth in a much unconventional style should have been the first and topmost desire of Rajinikanth. We get to witness it so much blatantly by the first 25 minutes, especially the initial moments of Rajinikanth’s introduction sequence and so on. But sooner as the director tries to get into the actual plot, there seems to be a sudden drop in momentum. The problem is not with the genre or treatment of script, but the over hyped promotion of Kalaipuli S Dhanu, especially with the teaser that gave an impression to every Rajinikanth fan that ‘Kabali’ is a mass oriented film to celebrate upon. But again, even with the narration, there seems to be a slightest confusion for Ranjith himself, where he tries to balance between Mass and Class elements.  Moreover, the sequences look too stereotypical in many places that you could easily relate with other movies. The twist by the intermission is something unexpected, but soon by the second half, the film travels on sluggish mode with more emotions to encompass upon. The scene, where Rajinikanth gets unites with his wife is more eye moistening and the reunion with daughter Dhansika is again a splendid one. Not to miss the performance of Riythvika, who stuns with her stellar performance. Rajinikanth offers wizardry with an impeccable performance and not to miss his stunning act during the first 30 minutes of the film. The climax portion is literally appalling that not many Rajinikanth fans would relish upon, but that’s the justification to the script. Kishore is at his best and Nasser although appears in only few portions manages to steal the show.


Before you walk into theatres, just forget the excitements and enthralment that teasers of Kabali had offered you. Perhaps, it was a smart way for producer Dhanu to get his movie makes a best business for him, but in terms of content, you have to unlearn everything and walk in blind and blank. Kabali is an emotional drama that brings up the best stellar performance of Thalaivar Rajinikanth.



Rating: 3.25/5

Verdict : An emotional drama with Rajinikanth wizardry performance