Kodi movie review

Staring : Dhanush, Trisha, Anupama

Director : Durai Senthilkumar

Music : Santhosh Naarayanan

Production : Vetrimaran

Dhanush-Trisha starrer Kodi belongs to a much stark and experimental genre that many makers would definitely keep away from. A political drama might not always become a cup of coffee to everyone and we merely have to appreciate Durai Senthil Kumar for taking up such initiatives on scripting this tale. The film features Dhanush as twin brothers – Kodi, a politician and Anbu, a professor. We Durga (Trisha), an ambitious politician on the other party in love with Kodi and then Anbu has his own love story of           falling in love with a beautiful egg vendor (Premam fame Anupama). With things happening on picture perfect scenario, a nuclear power plant that has already shut down creates a havoc to everyone in the neighborhood and it eventually stirs a change of events among these characters.
To precise, the first few initial moments of the film where Durai spends more time in establishing the characters and that hilarious attempts in drama don’t create a deep impact to the film’s actual plot and the gripping moments take a high rise 20 minutes before intermission, especially the interval point. The post-intermission sequences carry more interesting elements, especially a huge treat for Dhanush fans.
On the performance front, Dhanush scores immensely with a trenchant work in dual roles. His emotional gestures are worthy of appreciations. For the first ever time in her entire career, we see Trisha make a mammoth performance. Not to miss Anupama, who manages to give the best on her part. SA Chandrasekar gives a stellar performance, but his characterization eventually disappears by second half. Kaali Venkat is good and Karunaas though in shorter duration renders a neat acting.
Both songs and background score by Santhosh Narayanan offer more substantiality, especially the mass moments.
If you’re looking up for the flip side, there isn’t nothing, especially few ups and downs in the screenplay, especially the first 30 minutes look unwanted for the movie.
Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict : Appealing in many parts