Maaveran kittu movie review

Staring : Vishnu Vishal , Parthiban , Sridivya

Director : Suseenthiran

Music : Imman

Production : Icewear Chandrasamy

Director Suseenthiran is known for his realistic portrayals, especially when it comes to projecting Vishnu Vishal. Both the movies ‘Vennila Kabadi Kulu’ and ‘Jeeva’ was really appreciable of some commendable efforts. Now the duo comes back with a different attempt in ‘Maaveeran Kittu’, where it traces back to the real life incident that happened in 80s across Southern Tamil Nadu.

It’s a routine story of so-called people from upper caste looking down upon the lower caste people. But films of this genre would be usually portrayed with bloodshed and gory violence, but here we get to see a little difference, where there is a murder involved, but more prominence is shown upon the emotional quotients.

The film shows Harish Uthaman as an arrogant upper caste person and his entire group always oppresses the lower community groups that involve a man like Parthiepan, who always raises his voice against the bad and evil deeds. Then, there is an righteous young man Vishnu Vishal. To make sure that his community gets righteousness over the times, Parthiepan insists Vishnu Vishal to pursue IAS exams and become a district collector. But then life becomes Topsy-Turvy and things don’t happen as expected for these characters. Will Vishnu Vishal redeem his dreams and his people from the clutches of fate forms crux of the story….

When it comes to performances, Vishnu Vishal has rendered a decent and naturalistic performance. But it is Parthiepan stealing the show with his absolute act and he is sure to win some awards for his great style of performance. Harish Uthaman playing a rough baddie scores brownie points with his antagonistic approach.

Technically, it’s cinematography that deserves high appreciations followed by background score by D Imman, but the songs are not too worthy of appreciations and the placements too are odd, especially during second half.

Director Suseenthiran has made a daring attempt of picking a strong theme in the backdrops, but he slightly fails to offer an impressive narration. By halfway, we are tested with patience with some weak writing, but nuance performance of actors keeps it going and the climax becomes more predictable before the time it arrives.



Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict : A powerful plot based on real life inspirations, but the screenplay lets you down