Masalapadam movie review

Staring : Shiva, Simha, LakshmiDevy

Director : Laxman Kumar

Music : Karthik Acharya

Production : Vijayaraghavendra

Film reviewers and critics were so far not been touched as a center of attraction and Masala Padam brings up such topic. As you watch the first initial moments of the film, the real life pictorial of how many the amateur bloggers and the clash with producers have been delineated perfectly. Masala Padam isn’t a spoof or something to mock about, but a fictional take on this theme, where a group of such bloggers is challenged to make a commercial film. The youngsters embark on a journey of mission to accomplish it only to get their lives more complicated with unexpected encounters.

Revealing more about the plot could actually turn out to be a spoiler and the entire film traverses through the lives of three good looking youngsters hailing from different criterion of society. Mirchi Shiva is someone from the middle class family with aspirations to achieve Platinum Level in his MLM firm. Gaurav belongs to a rich family with a happy-go-lucky attitude and then there is Bobby Simha, the much dreaded goon across the shores of Chennai. The bloggers with an attempt to write a commercial script bring in a girl (Lakshmi Devy) and let her cross them. Rest of the story is about the dramatic incidents that proceed in a much unexpected manner.

Laxman Kumar has scripted and helmed this film with an additional protocol of handling cinematography.  His basic idea about the concept is pretty appreciable and he has tried handling it in a lively manner. What is supposed to be a hilarious entertainer transcends to a different paradigm of emotional aspect as well. The first hour gets very much with the establishment of three lead characters and the second half is much embossed with some gripping events, especially the next-to-last 20 minutes.

Mirchi Shiva is someone who could easily make you laugh by uttering some simple lines and he does it with what is offered to him. Bobby Simha seems to be still with Jigarthanda fever and his role seems to be quite similar of what he has done erstwhile.  Gaurav looks handsome and when compared to others, his role and prominence is quite minimal. Lakshmi Devy gets more frames and does her portions with aptness.

If you’re planning to watch Masala Padam, we would say that it’s appreciable for an innovative concept by the filmmaker and a commendable narration. Get into theatres without any expectations and you’ll be surely endowed with a feel good treat.

Verdict : Appreciable for creative craft of writing