Paisa movie review

Staring : Sree Ram, Aara, Naaser

Director : Abdul Majith

Music : J.V

Production : Confident Film Cafe

Excess baggage of money mounting up to 100Crore is spotted by a Rag Picker across banks of Coovum River and what unfold next are the Topsy-Turvy moments he undergoes. Filmmaker Majid, who is far-famed for his debut directorial through Vijay’s Tamizhan and later a mediocre film ‘Thunichal’ comes back with this third outing, which happens after a very long time interval. The film stars Sreeram of ‘Goli Soda’ fame playing the lead while newcomer Aara as his love interest followed by a star-cast including Nasser, Madhusudhan Rao and few more.


The story is about a Rag Picker in Chennai (played by Sreeram) who falls in love with a simple yet good looking girl (Aara), working in supermarket. Both of them have mutual understanding as they fall in love and she is someone possessing beautiful quality of not being so much obsessed with money. Once fearing the hunt of Income Tax department, Madhu Sudhan Rao a big shot in the metropolitan city hides the whopping sum of Rs.100Crores through a ruffian across Coovum banks. Unexpectedly, it becomes a treasure for Sreeram, who starts his life with more luxuries, but sooner the hunters on the run for him.


It is evident that director Majid has taken scrutinising efforts over the researching the best on the lives of rag pickers. In fact, we never knew that rag pickers from an area aren’t supposed to enter others’ territories, which is almost like a Gentleman’s agreement. Moreover, this is nothing but a profession and not something to be underestimated. The director has very well tried to showcase this on the screens. But unfortunately, he fails to bring up these executions with an engrossing screenplay. The narrative treatment turns out to be fallible by the middle course and you start losing your interest apparently by the point of intermission. But the film does carry some interesting elements here and there, especially with dialogues. When it comes to performance,


While the film doesn’t turn out to be too preachy creating awareness, it does share a message that money earned with hard work alone gives immense peace or else would be a bizarre.


Verdict : Convincing story but could have been convincingly told