Pencil movie review

Staring : GVPrakash, Sridivya

Director : Mani Nagaraj

Music : GV Prakash

Production : Kalsan Movies Pvt Ltd

It all took nearly couple of years for this school based thriller to hit screens and finally it all happens on May 13. The film ‘Pencil’ is directed by Mani Nagaraj, a former associate of Gautham Vasudev Menon with GV Prakash and Sri Divya playing the lead roles and Riyaz Khan-Uma Riyaz couple son Shaarik Haasan makes his debut in negative character. The film has an ensemble star-cast involving VTV Ganesh, Abhishek, Oorvasi, T.P. Gajendran and many others.


The film is set against the backdrops of a school, revolving around 12th grade students. GV Prakash plays a responsible and top grade student. He is in one sided love with his classmate (Sri Divya), who later accepts his proposal. With all such things happening over the school, a notorious school student (Shaarik Haasan) keeps troubling students spoiling them and ruining the lives of teachers there. One day on an unexpected turn, Shaarik is seen murdered mysteriously and GV Prakash is held as the culprit. How GV Prakash along with Sri Divya manages to get their hands clean forms crux of the story.


Since the film was supposedly to be released before couple of years, GV Prakash young look suits well to the role of a school student. He does his role properly though there are some drawbacks. So is Sri Divya who perfectly fits the role of student. Her performance during the moments, where she tries to reciprocate her feelings and in times to help her beau come out of troubled waters is commendable. Shaarik Haasan has done a fare job with his excellent performance and he is sure to have a great way in Kollywood. Getting on with others in the cast, VTV Ganesh, Abhishek, Oorvasi, T.P. Gajendran and many others, have done justice to their roles.


The first half proceeds with a much engrossing style and raciness, where as the momentum slightly drops during the second hour. It should have been pretty good with the style of narrating and this could have made the film more engaging. The top-notch cinematography with brilliant visuals and musical score by GV Prakash peps up the narrative enhancements.


Overall, Pencil is a mediocre thriller that if Mani Nagaraj had made the second half yet more engaging could have made it look pretty engrossing.



Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict : Interesting in parts but overall a mediocre show.