Pichaikkaran movie review

Staring : Vijay Antony, Satna Titus

Director : Sasi

Music : Vijay Antony

Production : Vijay Antony

If you’re someone among the league constantly involved in the analysis – what keeps Vijay Antony going stronger in his acting journey, the most absolute reason could be the choice of scripts. Emotions become the central core in his movies and his characterizations are pretty substantial as well. It worked out well in his erstwhile movies ‘Naan’ and ‘Salim’. The next very reason that attracts family audiences towards his movies is ‘Decent’ elements though few songs could be glamorous, but with certain treatment. This time teaming up with filmmaker Sasi, who is far-famed for such elements gives more off this style in ‘Pichaikkaran’.


Vijay Antony plays a man of moneybags, the only heir to billionaire industrialist mother, who hands over the business to him on his return from abroad after studies… Unfortunately, his mother is deeply injured by an industrial accident inside the factory. With her health turning more pathetic with coma and doctors almost giving up the hopes in spite of high level treatment, the protagonist encounters as a God man who insists him to take up a challenge, if he wants his mother back to normalcy. Is the challenge really going to bring back good things? Will he accomplish it completely when the hurdles turn more distressing with some socialites trying to bump him off in the process? Watch the rest over the screens.


Couple of incidents in the film is more than enough to draw the crowds incessantly into the theatres. The drama that happens at marriage hall before intermission and the last 20 minutes… It beautifully embellishes the significance of famous proverb of what we have come across – You harvest what you sowed. When you’re journeying with good heart and complete faith, good things come in hand. Such positivity is spread throughout the movie. The dialogues are so intense that hits straight into your hearts. “The quality of faith is complete faith itself. When you believe in something, do it wholeheartedly,”  The scene where Satna asks wouldn’t you take this money at least as alms and Vijay Antony immediately kneeling down just throws up speechlessness among all.


Vijay Antony underplaying in many sequences keeps the film more engrossed, even during the sequences that actually demand the mass heroism, he plays it perfectly. Satna Titus gets a more appealing characterization with simple look and more emotional bonding towards her role. Almost everyone in the drama have appealed with the best dialogues and performances, especially the couple of actors you see playing the beggars.


On the whole, Pichaikkaran holds so much of prominence with a greater significance to express with emotions and emphasis on relationships and humanity.


In simple words, after watching the film, the way you see the beggars along roadside would completely be different and something new from what you had perceived earlier.


Verdict : Unconditional emotions blend with immense drama