Raja mandhiri movie review

Staring : Kalaiarasan, Kaalivenkat

Director : Rakesh

Music : Justin Prabhakaran

Production : PG Muthiah

It all happens, when movies based on unconventional genres and complex plots keep visiting the theatres often, we get to see that we as audiences sternly look up for sangfroid entertainers. Well, these movies aren’t needed for the logical analysis, but to keep them all engrossed with light moments, where the humour and sentiments are given in appropriate dosages. Definitely, Raja Mandhiri is one such illustration, which comes from debutant Usha Krishnan starring Kaali Venkat, Kalaiyarasan and Shalin Zoya in lead roles. Justin Prabhakaran has composed music for this film, which has cinematography handled by P.G. Muthaiah, co-producer of this film as well.

It looks like Usha was clear enough while she ideated the script. A simple tale with simple narration that would have decent package of family, comedy and emotional elements blended. Raja Mandhiri offers such experience throughout the tale, where you can easily predict what’s going to happen next, but don’t feel irked anywhere. The casting of actors look more promising and yes, the performances by lead actors Kaali Venkat and Kalaiyarasan are worthy of appreciations. Kaali Venkat has been sublimely appealing with nuance performances in all films and has done a decent job here, especially with the emotional episodes in second hour. Kalaiyarasan fits the role of happy go lucky guy and he is casual in his style of performance. Shalin Zoya is simple and cute with her screen presence and does her role well. Bala Saravanan keeps tickling our funny bones in all his portions and his comedy sense is getting better every day.

Others in the cast, even the ones with miniscule prominence including Nadodigal Gopi, Saravana Sakthi, Super Good Subramani and others have done their role with eminence.

Musical score by Justin Prabhakaran is serene and his background score is really worthy of appreciations and not to miss the beautiful visuals canned by P.G. Muthaiah, who is also film’s co-producer keeps the scenes more enlivened.

On the whole, ‘Raja Mandhiri’ is an engrossing light-hearted comedy drama, which offers mild and decent episodes of humour with few emotional episodes.


Verdict : Neat and decent family entertainer