Rekka movie review

Staring : Vijay Sethupathi Lakshmi Menon

Director : Rathina Shiva

Music : Imman

Production : Common Man Productions

Every week seems to be having a release from Vijay Sethupathi and that’s really a healthy scenario to see that he often keeps offering something different in his movies. Vijay Sethupathi is always associated synonymously with ‘Unique and Unconventional’. This time with ‘Rekka’, he tries to experiment with a ‘Masala Commercial Genre’ and let us see how far he manages to steal our attention.
Set in backdrops of Kumbakonam, the film focuses a picture perfect family comprising of Siva (Vijay Sethupathi). His father Rathinam (KS Ravikumar) and his mother have pampered him all throughout and his younger sister is about to get married. They even support him in getting the true lovers united as their son would go to any extent to make it happen. This lands him upon trouble with David (Harish Uthaman), who has a serious issue with him. On an unexpected turn, Siva is threatened by David that he would ruin the marriage of his younger sister and places him an assignment to kidnap his so-called girlfriend (Lakshmi Menon) from Madurai. But the twist is that she happens to be the fiancé of a notorious thug (Kabir of Vedalam fame), who already has some issues with David.
Despites being a commercial entertainer, Vijay Sethupathi assure that he doesn’t overplay anywhere. Be his style of rendering dialogues or body language, he never exaggerates himself into the over noisy zone. This is one of the biggest plus in this film. But Lakshmi Menon looks too gaudy with her new makeover. Harish Uthama and Kabir have a tremendous screen presence and they just impress us vividly. KS Ravikumar with his portions offers best show. Kishore does complete justice to his role. Satish doesn’t have more to score on hilarious episode, but has tried to be best.
Musical score by D Imman is appreciable, especially with the background score where he offers some additional Raps to boost up the heroism factors. The camera angles are yet another highlighting trait. On the flip side, the momentum and raciness of the movie drops down in post-intermission sequences, where the first half was completely engaging.
Overall, Rekka is a tailor made treat for family audiences, especially from the sub-urban and rural areas.

Verdict : Watch it without expectations and youíll enjoy