Remo movie review

Staring : Sivakarthikeyan Keerthi Suresh

Director : Bakkiyaraj Kannan

Music : Anirudh

Production : RD Raja

So much of anticipations rose up over the bars for Sivakarthikeyan’s Remo, which turned to be pulling more attraction for this festive season. Finally, with the worldwide release happening today, we bring you exclusive analysis of this film, directed by Bhagyaraj Kannan and produced by RD Raja of 24AM Studios.
Sivakarthikeyan is seen as an ordinary chap across the city from a middle class family background, who wants to make it bigger as an actor. He falls in love with a beautiful girl Kavya (Keerthy Suresh), a doctor. But sooner he gets to know that she is engaged to someone. While going for auditions on acting disguised like a nurse, Sivakarthikeyan comes across Kavya. This time, she indeed comes for his acquaintance and rest of the film is about what Siva is going to do win the girl’s heart.
First and foremost, it’s the most ravishing visuals by P.C. Sriram that gets the screens sparkled up with glistening colours. Not to miss the art work by Muthuraj and musical score by Anirudh, which furthermore beautify the entire screens. Anu’s costume designing embellishes the beautiful looks of Sivakarthikeyan and Keerthy Suresh. Even in ordinary scenes, they look so enchanting with her designing. Moreover Siva looks so beautified with lady attires is really remarkably pleasing. In fact, the scenes where he wears the lady costumes, the moments are filled with laughter.
As it gets on with the directorial skills of debut filmmaker Bhagyaraj Kannan, he has crafted a simple tale that doesn’t demand for any complications over the screenplay, but then the plot looks too timeworn and even the treatment of script goes with sluggish moments. Maybe, Kannan was so much inspired by those Bollywood Love stories, where there would a dearth of proper plot and screenplay would proceed vaguely, but everything gets diminished by the strong technical details. Apparently, Remo too gets a classy elite touch on the technical aspects and when it comes to narrative part, it lacks the proficiency. There is no proper justification to the characterizations and except the couple of episodes involving – Acid Attack victim and other one being the little girl in the hospital. The film would have much more better if Kannan had tried to extend those episodes for more emotional content.
Sivakarthikeyan just sparks off the magic from the first frame and continues to be the same as charismatic appeal. The way he renders his voice for the nurse role and the body languages are extraordinary. Keerthy Suresh looks bubbly, but again her role doesn’t get highlighted.

Verdict : A Cool entertainer without logical quotients.