Salim movie review

Staring : Vijay Antony, Aksha Pardasany, Azam Sherrif, RNR Manohar

Director : NV Nirmal Kumar

Music : Vijay Antony

Production : Studio 9, Vijay Antony, Sri green

After his mystery thriller 'Naan', Vijay Antony is back with Salim which is again promoted as a thriller with the trademark 'Naan' BGM in the TV spots/ trailer. Does the movie, really lives up to the expectations? Read on to know...

'Salim' starts with a girl beaten up heavily in an isolated area and we could hear her anguish voice as something real bad happened to her, this whole scene is shot at midnight, cut to the next shot we are shown Salim(Vijay Antony), a doctor doing Namas with Islamic prayers in the background,  he is also helping the needy people in these introductory scenes. This first 10 minutes of the film is seriously intriguing and gives a lot of hope, soon the film travels in a path where the director sketched characters only with 'black' and 'white' colors in the first half as if he is having color blindness …

Salim is a kind person whereas everyone surrounding him are opportunists, he gets engaged to a girl who is seriously abnormal with all her activities, this girl whom Vijay Antony is about to marry is yelling at everyone, she is yelling at her parents, hotel waiter and almost everyone in her life. Vijay Antony helps a girl who was raped and beaten up (yes, the same girl who was shown in the introductory scene) because of this, he couldn't attend the party with his girl friend and soon after this incident, heroine rejects him and called off the marriage!

Seriously, if the director sketched such a abnormal heroine character then why the protagonist would feel sorry when she rejects him, anyone on earth will be relieved when a girl like her rejects him! Then there is a neighbor for Vijay Antony, who always park his car before Vijay Antony's house but again the protagonist is not giving any trouble and reaching his hospital in a share-auto.

Also, there is an inconsistency is Vijay Antony's characterization. He gets vigorous when he is offered a bribe to kill a patient and the same Vijay Antony keeps mum in remaining all situations, except for the intermission where he really explodes. When Salim is aiming his gun towards a police inspector, we are shown serious of incidents like flashbacks but actually these things are about to happen in second half. I really don't know why the director want to have a baashah/Vishwaroopam kind of BGM with stylish shots as if the hero is having an unknown side and we are left to see it in the second half, this whole pre-interval portion is to deceive the audience and I'm really sorry for the film maker, this is not the right way to thrill us! So, that's it the first half is total bad and there is no second thought about it…

Coming to the second half, the film is seriously having some good moments after an item number and Vijay Antony kidnaps bunch of teenagers in a hotel room where they are trying to rape a bar dancer, among them, one is son of Home minister. This guy and his three friends are the culprits who destroyed the poor girl’s life; the rest of the story tells us about how Vijay Antony punishes these guys and escapes from the powerful police and political force.

In the first half, almost all the characters are black, except Vijay Antony but in the second half we are shown a honest police officer called Chezhiyan and his character is actually well conceived. Chezhiyan always want to do the right thing and he doesn’t care about law, he even helps Vijay Antony to do the right thing in climax. This is where the film scores and reality comes in to the game, hence the whole kidnapping episode is interesting till the climax, which is again diluted by logical loopholes.

Technically, Salim is not a solid film. The cinematography is shaggy, the BGM is not awe-inspiring like Naan or any other Vijay Antony film, and also songs are not at all catchy.

Overall, Salim is a film where one half is completely terrible whereas as the other half is quite interesting, especially for the kidnapping episodes and for portraying cruelty against women in the film.

- Rajasekar S

Verdict : Half bad, half good