Tamilselvanum thaniyar anjalum movie review

Staring : Jai, YamiGautham

Director : Premsai

Music : Karthik

Production : Gautham Menon

It really needs a daring attitude to release a film that didn’t work out for a producer like Gautham Vasudev Menon to do this. TTA directed by debut filmmaker Premsai was supposed to be a bilingual release, which didn’t happen due to some issues and Telugu version titled ‘Courier Boy Kalyan’ featuring Nitin in lead role didn’t get well with BO figures. But with an impeccable stretch of perfect planning, the producer came forward to release this film in Tamil. So what’s the result for this flick featuring Jai and Yami Gautham in lead roles?


A well attempted sleek thriller could be the apt word is the first word that we would ennoble the attempts of debutant Premsai. Moreover keeping the time frame of this thriller to a much shorter and crisper mode of lesser than 2hrs is worthy of appreciations, but eventually there are some drawbacks, which comes in the form of drop down in momentum. The problem is nothing to do with the director’s writing craft. This plot actually cannot travel more than 90 minutes and to compromise with the mindsets of regional audiences. This is where most of the thrillers in spite of carrying a strong plot naturally get into a state of diminishment.


A young lad (played by Jai) finds happiness with job that he does and he delivers couriers at doorsteps. But when a sensitive material has to be delivered to a place, things start to chase him to the core of needle walk and how he tackles the issues forms crux of the story.


Actor Jai irrespective of what the results his movies are bound to has been picking up films that are based on different genres, especially thrillers. But where it turns out to be a bizarre is that Premsai should have equipped this film with some brilliant writers, who could have given more essence and life to this thriller. Yami Gautham has nothing much to perform in this movie. Santhanam tries to score his best in this thriller and is able to tickle funny bones in some places and nothing much to say about VTV Ganesh as you find him prominent on the posters.


The background score by Sandeep Chowta is the most intriguing element that keeps some racy sequences more impactful. The next one to score brownie points in the technical crew is editor, who works out with crisp cuts.


The second half travels with some interesting moments and Premsai really deserves appreciations for making it look sleek and engaging in many parts. Had he tried to pull up with more twists and surprises, it could have made it more appealing, especially with yet more enhanced climax.


Rating: 2.25/5

Verdict : A passable thriller that is engaging in parts.