Thodari movie review

Staring : Dhanush, Keerthisuresh

Director : Prabhu Solomon

Music : Imman

Production : Sathya Jothi Films

An Express departs from New Delhi to Chennai and we find an ordinary Pantry boy Poochiyappan (Dhanush), who falls in love for a Touch up girl Saroja (Keerthy Suresh) working for an actress. As they decide to have their love expressed, the train they are journeying succumbs into a complicated situation, where it’s a moment of life and death for every passenger.
Glimpsing upon the movies of Prabhu Solomon, they would obviously carry the elements of Love, Nature and Travel.  Apparently, Thodari too follows the same routine work of Prabhu Solomon, but it doesn’t bring up the same emotional impact of love between the lead pair, but there are more adventures. Say for instance, the actual moment where Dhanush and Keerthy Suresh actually share their emotional gestures by the last few minutes. The inclusion of too many characters and their own issues make it a balanced quotient of entertainment, fun, action and romance here. Dhanush really deserves best appreciations for picking up the script, where his role is just limited to realistic and not larger than life. When it comes to others in the cast, they have considerably done their best. Thambi Ramaiah is entertaining with his hilarious encounters with Karunakaran and Dhanush. The scene, where the cops hold him and mistake him to be a terrorist, he performs very well. Radharavi as a cabinet minister travelling with a psychotic Malayali commando (played by Harish Uthaman) and the latter’s issue with Dhanush-Keerthy Suresh are done neatly. But the characterization of Harish is so vague. Karunakaran too evokes humour with his portions. Chinni Jayanth, Ganesh Venkataraman and few more actors with their short roles offer the best impact during the second half.
Cinematography is the biggest strength with the art department delivering the best work. Background score by D Imman is yet another highlighting trait and couple of songs is really worthy of appreciations.
If you’re looking out for the minuses in the film, it would be the first half narration, where the first 40 minutes has nothing to do with actual plot of  this movie.
However, what might seem unwanted for the multiplex audiences could be a real big entertainment for sub-urban and rural family audiences. Thodari would definitely score the best towards these cohorts.
Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict : A well packaged commercial drama, which would have been best with a 2-hr version.