Wagah movie review

Staring : Vikramprabhu, Ranyarao

Director : G. N. R. Kumaravelan

Music : Imman

Production : M. Balavishwaanathan

In spite of what the results could be, we can be pretty sure and affirmed that Vikram Prabhu tries to expose himself into different genres of movies and his characterizations as well. His movies are content driven and that keeps him on safer zone. Let us check out how far ‘Wagah’ escalates his standards of performance in career graph and how about the National award winning filmmaker GNR Kumaravelan.

The plot remains so simple, where it involves a happy go lucky chap (Vikram Prabhu) choosing to opt for BSF task rather than killing his lifetime under his father’s business of provision stores. Reaching the heavenly of Kashmir, nothing seems to be more engrossing for him until he falls in love with a Pakistani girl (Ranya Rao). As their relationship blooms, adverse situations occur when Ranya along with her group of people are sent back to Pakistan and with love and for sake of protection, Vikram Prabhu accompanies her. Regrettably, he gets trapped by the Pakistani Border Security Force and is tortured to the core. Would he able to make his survival out of the troubled waters and redeem his love forms crux of the story.

First and foremost, what pulls us intensely into the movie is the screen presence of Vikram Prabhu and Ranya Rao, who convincingly share the lease of chemistry to a greater level.  Some of the portions are very well shot with cuteness and some emotional depth too. But when it comes to analysing the narrative potentials of GNR Kumaravelan, it’s a mere disappointment as there is a deep dearth of engaging moments. The lustrous visuals capturing the aesthetical beauty of Kashmir is awe-inspiring, where we get to see the snowcapped mountains and blissful withering dews in more emblazonment. But rest that comes from the technical crew is really disappointing. Especially, the songs by D Imman turn out to be a bizarre, especially in its narrative course as it hampers the screenplay.

Had the director focused upon for a better writing, Wagah would have definitely had its realms of being a better movie. For now as on whole, ‘Wagah’ is a mediocre film that doesn’t win our hearts to the complete extent.

Verdict : Disappointing show by National award winning GNR Kumaravelan