Enakkul oruvan music review

Staring : Siddharth, Deepa Sannidhi, Aadukalam Naren

Director : Prasath Ramar

Music : Santosh Narayan

Production : Thirukumaran Entertainments

Enakkul Oruvan is the Tamil rehash of the Kannada film Lucia which turned many heads. Santosh Narayan was a part of the original too, and he will take care of the musical department in the remake. So how high is this one?

Prabalamagavey : Singer – Siddharth, Lyrics – Muthamil ( PICK )

An enthusiastic club track to start off things. Rendered by the hero himself, this groovy track brings around the aura of a disco with its music which is mainly EDM based. Siddharth proves that he is good bet as a singer too, you will realize it as the song climbs onto you.

Endi Ippadi : Singer – Santosh Narayan, Lyrics – Ganesh Kumar Krish ( PICK )

An instantly addictive track which keeps your foot tapping for its length. Santosh succeeds both on the musical and the vocal fronts, especially with his unique rendition which is doubtlessly the best department of this song. The juxtaposition of the light kuthu beats and the percussions are delightfully done, this is a winner!

Poo Avizhum Pozhidil : Singer – Pradeep, Lyrics – Vivek ( PICK )

When Santosh Narayan calls Pradeep to croon a track in any album, nothing less than magic is expected. And the duo don’t disappoint this time either, with an absolutely mesmerizing track which teleports you to another level. On that note, this is fast becoming a usual in every album, so it might not be long before listeners get bored of songs like this.

Kutti Poochi : Singer – Manicka Vinayagam, Lyrics – Muthamil

An absurd track with a tune which seems to be a rehash of Santosh’s earlier funky compositions. Except for the lyrics which do take in some attention, there is nothing much in this number.

Yaar : Singer – Dhibu Ninan Thomas, Lyrics – Vivek

A gloomy track with minimalistic orchestrations. Most of the importance is given to the vocals, which do most of what is needed. A decent end to the album.

Santosh Narayan’s instrumentation in Enakkul Oruvan is mostly electronic. The songs aren’t composed to find a place on the charts, but to wedge into the tone of the movie, and that is what will make them a part of the proceedings and not speed-breakers. The first three songs are the highlights, after which the album dips a bit and ends decently. Though his music is starting to sound similar, Santosh puts the right things at the right places which deliver an enchanting experience by the end of it all. 

- Siddarth Srinivas

Verdict : Electronically enchanting.