Maryan music review

Staring : Dhanush, Parvathy Menon, Appu kutty, Jagan, Uma Riyaz

Director : Bharath Bala

Music : AR Rahman

Production : Aascar Ravichandran

Bharath Bala and AR Rahman who gave us the inspirational ‘Vande Matram’ is back with Maryan and  the expectations are sky-rocketing. Here is the music review of Maryan…..

1)Innum Konjam – Singers :Vijay Prakash,Swetha Mohan ; Lyrics: Kabilan,AR Rahman

The songs starts with a similar instrumentation and feel which we witnessed in ‘Nenjukulley’ from Kadal , a complete soaking melody from AR Rahman. The melodious vocals of Vijay Prakash and Swetha Mohan bring a poignant novelty to the song. Kabilan’s native lyrics and the soft instrumentation are bliss.

Rating in the album: 3/7

2)Yenga Pona Rasa – Singers: Sakthisree Gopalan; Lyrics:Kutti Revathi,AR Rahman

The song opens with the yearning voice of Sakthisree Gopalan. Kutti Revathi’s lyrics, Sakthi Sree’s vocals and AR Rahman’s instrumentation give us an earthy feel.  The second interlude shifts to a higher tempo and guitar usage is a beauty.

Rating in the album : 3/7

3)Kadal Raasa Naan – Singers: Yuvan;Lyrics:Dhanush

When Yuvan joins AR Rahman, obviously we expect a magic and that’s what happened. The peppy song has everything to become a hit. Dhanush’s lyric perfectly conveys the life of fisher men. Yuvan’s soulful vocals reach the high pitch with so much ease and needless to say that AR Rahman has done a king like mixing and instrumentation for the song. A sure shot hit number….

Rating in the album : 1/7

4)Netru Aval Irunthaal – Singers: Vijay Prakash,Chinmayee;Lyrics: Vaali

This song depicts how the male lead remembering his love. Again  the minimum instrument usage, melodious voice of Vijay Prakash and Chinmayee completely takes us to the new world. A song to remember for a long time….

Rating in the album : 3/7

5) I love my Africa – Singers :Blaze,AR Rahman,Madra Youth choir

As the lyric suggests, the song is about Africa. AR Rahman is fond of African’s instrument and he has used it before in Raavanan and many other films, now here comes a film where he have to literally compose a song to showcase Africa. Blaze’s vocals and  the chorus perfectly fits the bill .

Rating in the album: 7/7

6)Sonapareeya – Singers: Javed Ali,Haricharan,Nakash Aziz ;Lyrics Vaali

Again the master of mixing has done a fabulous job. The unique instrumentation usage and AR Rahman’s choice of using Haricharan,Javed Ali is apt. Javed Ali’s vocals at high pitch is a treat to hear so as Haricharan’s voice. The ‘Sonapareeya’ Rap is catchy , a instant hit for sure.

Rating in the album: 3/7

7)Nenjey Ezhu- Singers :AR Rahman; Lyrics :Kutti Revathy

Nenjey Ezhu is already a big hit, thanks to the prior single release and AR Rahman’s magical vocals.  Kutti Revathi’s lyrics are so inspirational and when AR Rahman throws the Nenjey Ezhu in high pitch, it inspires and evokes a energetic feel inside us. With some magic picturization the song will be a cult classic for sure.

Rating in the album: 1/7


Verdict : Haunting,inspirational,soul striking - this album has everything!