Naaigal jaakirathai music review

Staring : Idoh, Sibiraj, Arundhati, Manobala

Director : Shakti Rajan

Music : Dharan Kumar

Production : Sathyaraj

Naaigal Jaakirathai is an animal based film in Tamil Cinema after a long. It is the comeback film for Sibiraj, the son of veteran actor Sathyaraj. Dharan Kumar is the music composer, as he comes back with his next album after the impressive Aaha Kalyanam. How does this one bark?

Doggy Style : Singer - Gaana Bala, Lyrics : Madhan Karky ( PICK )

After Gangnam style, its Doggy Style! The albums opens with this catchy number, which is a witty song written for the four legged hero. Though it is a kuthu song, the beats dont get heavy or jarring which is a good thing. Gaana Bala is excited as usual, and Madhan Karky's lyrics are a boon to the track. Watch out for the dog sounds at regular

En Nenjil : Singer - Naresh Iyer, Lyrics : Madhan Karky ( PICK )

A lilting melody on the relationship between the protagonist and the doggie. Naresh Iyer's voice is so apt to the song that you pay most of your attention to it more than anything else. Once again, Madhan Karky's lyrics do entangle you into the world between the two. Dharan's orchestrations are peculiar here, especially with the chorus which goes "Peppoy, aa Peppoy".

Oyaadhe Oyaadhe : Singer - Haricharan, Dharan Kumar, Lyrics : Yugabharathi

A pedestrian confidence boosting number, propelled forward by Haricharan's vocals. Apart from that, there is nothing much to take away from the song, be it the drummish tune or the lyrics.  

Man's Best Friend - Theme Music : Performed by Karthik and Kiran ( PICK )

Beast of an intersection between the violin and an interesting tune. Starting on a high and dropping to a slower beat in the mid, this instrumental does keep you pinned for its runtime.

Doggy Style Club Mix : Singer - Gaana Bala, Lyrics : Madhan Karky

A party mix of the first track. Dharan adds some techno to the beat, without spoiling the original flavor of the song. A decent end to the album, likable remix.

A film like Naaigal Jaakirathai doesn't require many songs, to be honest. Keeping in mind that he will have to catch the attention of the listeners with a short and sweet album, Dharan has come out with some head-turning music. Doggy Style and En Nenjil hold onto you instantly, and the theme music is a delight for sure. Naaigal Jaakirathai's music will hang on till the movie arrives, and it's the film's responsibility to take it from there. Until then, enjoy these doggie tunes!

- Siddarth Srinivas


Verdict : Another charismatic album from Dharan. ( Rating 3.25 / 5 )