Poojai music review

Staring : Vishal, Shruti Hassan, Sathyaraj, Radhikaa

Director : Hari

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Production : Vishal Film Factory

Produced by Vishal himself, Poojai is where Hari dons the director's hat after Singam 2. Music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja, who is going through a dark phase in Kollywood. How does this one sound?

Odi Odi : Singer - Palakkad Sriram

A loud track, which will be used to build up Vishal's image in the movie. Supposedly inspirational, but disinteresting on the whole.

Ippadiye : Singer - Rahul Nambiar, Mili Nair

Yuvan has the knack of usually bringing in an interesting high point in some of his songs. Yes, he does that here in this light kuthu track, where the lively vocals of Rahul Nambiar and Mili do aid on. 

Veraarum : Singer - Karthik, Pooja

Yuvan uses a simple ethnic tune for this one, which has Karthik's voice as the pillar. A pedestrian track which has nothing special about it.

Uyire : Singer - Yuvan Shankar Raja ( PICK )

Yuvan's solo track, sung in pathos. The orchestration is pretty mainstream, but Yuvan's vocals the lyrics do make this one count a bit.

Soda Bottle : Singer - Yazin, Anthony Dasan, Sathyan

All of Hari's films possess an intro song for the hero, and this is the one in Poojai. That's about it.

Devathai : Singer - Nivas ( PICK )

Though the tune is similar to Azhago Azhagu from Samar, Yuvan churns out a highly listenable number here. The whistle bits, rock guitar stints and the female chorus are lovable additions to the instrumentations, topped with Nivas' charming vocals. Finally a song with a potential to climb the charts.

Time and again, people are waiting for that so-called 'comeback album' from Yuvan. Anjaan and Thirudan Police were decent albums, but Poojai is an album which doesnt even deserve a second listen. The songs lack the X-factor and though music in Hari's films isn't the propeller, we atleast asked for some foot tapping numbers here. Yuvan's dissapointing run in Kollywood continues, and the composer must bring himself back to where he started. I really hope the day isn't far away. 

- Siddarth Srinivas

Verdict : Bland and unexciting.