23 Dec 2016 - 06 07 PM
Theatre manager and operator arrested on piracy charges

The manager and the operator of ‘Sri Devi’ theatre in Arakkonam has been arrested on charges of piracy in connection with the online leakage of the movie Kavalai Vendam. The new age romantic comedy [produced by Elred Kumar of RS Infotainment and directed by Deekay was released on 24th October, 2016, worldwide.  Kavalai Vendam starring Jiiva and Kajal Agarwal has earned positive reviews on the first day itself, but within 24 hours the whole film got uploaded on the pirated sites like Tamil, Tamil However, Elred Kumar has now found the birth place of that pirated video, and registered a formal complaint on the respective theatre and its owner.
“Our film Kavalai Vendam is registered with Qube Cinema Network and only with the help of them we came to found this….We have lodged a formal complaint on ‘Sri Devi’ theatre - Arakkonam…It is where the pirated video has been shot….The police has now arrested the theatre manager Murali and operator Dilli Babu at Arakkonam…..” said Elred Kumar of RS Infotainment.

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